Hats, gloves, winter layers and socks.

You’ll have a lot more fun on your Homer, Alaska vacation if you pack a few essential items.

  • Hat and gloves: If you’re going to be on or near the water (and of course you will be) bring along a hat and gloves.  You’ll be oh so more comfortable and able to enjoy your adventures if you’re warm.
  • Layers: Similar to hat and gloves . . . tried and true sweater, fleece, rain jacket, something with a hood.  Alaska weather is very changeable, and you’ll want to be able to peel on and peel off as needed.
  • Slippers or slipper socks: Alaskan hosts will ask you to remove your shoes to avoid bringing sand and grit inside.  If you’d rather not pad around in your socks, bring a pair of slippers, non-skid slipper socks, or inside shoes.  You’ll find lots of wood floors.